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  • A dish from the chef at the Blois restaurant

The Restaurant: Le Préma
Open to all!

At Le Préma restaurant we highlight the products of our region.

Your lunch or dinner will allow you to discover all the culinary riches of our region. Our products come from our selection of local producers, which allows us to be certain of the quality of your plate.

Happy eating!

Céline P., manager of the establishment

02 54 78 89 90 ,
Give us a call and book your table for your dinner - the restaurant is open to all.

Information about the restaurant in Blois

Restaurant hours open to all

Outside of these opening hours, call us, it is possible to book for lunch or dinner, weekdays or weekends.

The room at the restaurant de Blois is air-conditioned and can hold up to 60 covers.

Préma home fries On our restaurant menu,, we offer home fries!!

Our proposed menu range is from 14.00€ to 22.50€. We also offer children's menus.

Finally, we welcome you at the bar until 2am.


Carte du Préma, le restaurant de Blois

Animals not allowed in the restaurant Within our restaurant, our animal friends are not allowed. Thank you for your understanding.

Some pictures of our restaurant Le Préma

A creamy purée simmering in the oven
On the pass, in the kitchen, a glass jar
Fish is served to you
A table set up before the customers arrive at the restaurant
Dish of the restaurant Le Prema in Blois
Skewer, mashed potatoes, potatoes, salad.
The classic but delicious salad, tomato, mozzarella
Dessert at the Prema restaurant
In the kitchen, it prepares a bruschetta-style appetizer
Would you like a local beer?
One of the many desserts made by the chef
Dishes at the restaurant Le Prema in Blois
In the kitchen, the dishes stand out
A dessert at the Blois restaurant
Crunchy vegetables

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