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  • Breakfast at the Brit Hotel Blois

The Buffet Breakfast
at the Brit Hotel Blois - Le Prema

A royal breakfast in Solognese colours

Our breakfast buffet, at the price of 12.50€, consists of croissants, pains au chocolat, bread, brioche, homemade madeleines and homemade cakes.

We provide a choice of cereals, dried fruit, fresh whole and cut fruit, fresh fruit salad, yoghurt and fromage blanc on our breakfast buffet. We also offer farm milk rice, multiple compotes, honey and a choice of 12 flavours of local jam. We also offer eggs from the farm as well as an egg cooker, a citrus press, rosette, white ham, grey tomme, camembert as well as goat cheese from the farm.

Local producers present at the breakfast

Our breads are kneaded and shaped by the artisan baker of "Les Gourmandises d'Olivier" installed 2 km from our establishment.

The honey comes from the beekeeper "Rucher de Roland" located along the Loire River east of Blois, in the village of Montlivault.

The apples, pears and apple juice are supplied to us by the GAEC de La Guissoniere located in the commune of Mont-prés-Chambord east of Blois

The goat cheese comes directly from the Chèvrerie de M. Clément established in Courmemin, south-east of our town

The eggs from Anne Lamy, our farmer who breeds laying hens in the commune of Mazangé, northwest of Blois.

The milk, fruit and plain yoghurts, cottage cheese & rice pudding come from the Erusés farm located in Sargé-sur-Braye, northwest of our hotel establishment

The confitures come from the "Insolite et Tradition" cannery located in Souday, north west of Blois.

The fruit juices come from Vergers de la Manse in Sepmes  south of Blois.

Breakfast times

The breakfast hours of the Hotel de Blois

Maximum capacity of the Hotel de Blois breakfast room.

Some photos of your future breakfast in our establishment

Pancakes at the hotel breakfast buffet
Honey from the Blois region was served for breakfast
The table at the hotel's breakfast in Blois
The breakfast buffet of the Blois hotel
Palm oil-free spread for breakfast in Blois
Cereals for all tastes at Brit Hotel Blois
From delicatessen to breakfast at the Hôtel de Blois
Breakfast buffet at the hotel in Blois
A table served at breakfast in Blois
The buffet breakfast in Blois
Bread, cereals... the complete breakfast of the Blois hotel
Fresh croissants from the baker of Blois
Viennese pastries at the breakfast of the Blois hotel
Local jams at the breakfast of the Blois hotel
Delicatessen, cheese, yoghurt... good local products for breakfast
The breakfast buffet at the hotel in Blois
Fresh fruit for breakfast to start the day off right
A pretty plate that whets your appetite as soon as you wake up
Breakfast table at the Brit Hotel Blois
The delicatessen corner, a delight for many enthusiasts
Local yoghurts presented at the breakfast of the Blois hotel
Due orange juice to squeeze every morning
Many local products are available for breakfast
Hard-boiled eggs for your breakfast in Blois

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